Sunday 15 April 2018

***PODCAST #24 w/Gabriel Griffin (SEWAGE / SWALLOWS NEST)***

Did I interview almost everyone in the two bands I played in whilst in New Zealand? Why...yes. Yes, I pretty much did just that. Here is a thorough yet expansive look at a multitude of musical styles with the drummer of Sewage and Swallows Nest, Gabe Griffin. Gabe is an amazing drummer who has been playing in the noise/improv duo Sewage since he was 14 and joined our screamy hardcore band Swallows Nest pretty much from the onset. He spent a few hours at my place back in November of 2017 in St. Clair and we chatted it up hard. Below is the tracklisting for the streaming/downloadable podcast #24 and under that is a video I took of his band Sewage (linked here), another peak at our new song (live) that'll premiere this week and is featured on our split 7" with Crowning. Zegema Beach just got in 4 copies of the tour/test press (/40!) which I've got for sale here. The previously posted podcast with Swallows Nest bassist Jörg is linked here. You can stream and/or download each part or the entire thing for free on the OMSB Podcast bandcamp page linked right heeya.

JOANNA NEWSOM - "Sprout and the Bean" (Dave)

THIS HEAT - "Cenotaph" (Gabe)
VIA FONDO - "Fast" (Dave)

GUIDED BY VOICES - "Alien Lanes" (Gabe)
- "Lacerate" (Dave)

THE JESUS LIZARD - "Puss" (Gabe)
BIG DICK - "Aria" (Dave)
ARAB ON RADAR - "Father, Son, and the Goalie Post" (Gabe)
PHOENIX BODIES - "Enlarge Your Penis" (Dave)


PODCAST #24 linked here

(2017) SEWAGE - live video from Swallows Nest Fundraiser (Dec 1, 2017)

You can buy one of the rare copies of the tour/test press here before they're all gone. Watch the video below to see Gabe fucking kill it from 2:25 onward. We called this the "Hexis Part".

(2017) SWALLOWS NEST - "A Subtle Knife for New Doors" live video from Dave's Final Show (Dec 1, 2017)

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