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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Emo-violence / Skramz / Ambient / Crust / Thrash / Noise / Experimental / 8-bit
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Country: Санкт Петербург RUSSIA
Years Active2012-present
Song: "Got a Flower"
Album: "Foxmoulder split"
Year: 2015
For fans ofTetola93, Storm{o}, A Flower Kollapsed, Potence, Apostles Of ErisУлыбайся Ветру, The Usual, Les Deux Minutes De La Haine, Caust, The Saddest Landscape, People's Temple Project, Uragano, Danse Macabre, Endless InertiaМаяк, Monte Ida, Foxmoulder, Aporiaмятеж, Lakmé, Ruined Families, Sutek Conspiracy, Ubiquity, Joliette, Horse The Band, The Advantage, Mini Bosses, Daft Punk, Wet Petals, Kurt and Eyelet aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Zegema Beach Records / Dingleberry Records / BG Records / Shivery.MMXII.Productions / Fading Halo Records / Rebuild Records / Winter Sea Label / Not A Pub / Desertion Records / Voice Of The Unheard / A L'Ombre De Cette Vie Records / 
This post's artist is from the June 2016 Mix. This is track #8.
You can download: the June Mix#6 right here or get the new July 2016 Mix#7 here.

I first heard EAGLEHASLANDED in 2015 when Foxmoulder asked if Zegema Beach Records would help their new split with a band from Russia. It was Foxmoulder, so I said yes without checking out the other band. A few weeks went by and I was sent "the other band's" (my words) tracks and I jammed them. Two things caught my attention quickly. First, this shit was intense. The raw power and stripped emotions are laid right out on the table and extend for the duration of their side of the split. Second, "Mora Samo da se Umre" and "Got a Flower" were unreal screamy hardcore/powerviolence/experimental songs.

After scouring their bandcamp and acquiring all of the EAGLEHASLANDED recordings, I can unequivocally say that the band has a very unique sound that is dirty, chaotic, abrupt, unrelenting and experimental, so it never really sounds like anyone else, although hints can be found if you really wrack your brains...which I've attempted to do for you. The band's early work such as the 2012 'Demo' sounds like early metallic hardcore not unlike The Bled, but once 2013 hit they really harnessed that EAGLEHASLANDED sound with the screamy hardcore meets experimental powerviolence. Their 2013 'Eternal Sleep Of Never Ending Nightmare' EP and 2014 'Eaglehaslanded' EP both exude the initial foundations of their later work, although some songs slip into emo-violence and perhaps even grind territory as the shrieking and drum speed increase substantially on some tracks, such as "While Listening Radio Through the Amp" (from the 'Demo' and "Raul and Julia (Lizards and Queens)" (from the 2014 'Self Title').

The opening of 'Eternal Sleep of Never Ending Nightmare' ventures into strange territory with and the 8-bit song "you8bitdie" and the subsequent album 'Bringing the Pizza Home' which is entirely 8-bit and was concocted by the band's guitarist. This LP is actually really fucking good and brings to mind Nintendo-loving bands like The Advantage, Mini Bosses and even Horse The Band and Daft Punk. You may be skeptical at first but jam "Can You Feel My Pizza", "Metal Conqueror", "Time Over" as well as "Queen XD" and you may flip your lid like I did. A surprising and fantastic recording.

Some of the other older material has a mid-late 90s screamy hardcore feel (think Ecorche) when it's not metallic hardcore, while the newer stuff is faster and unrelenting (much like Storm{o}, A Flower Kollapsed and Tetola93). I consider the "newer" material to have been released since 2015, so the 'Les Deux Minutes De La Haine split' 7" and 'Foxmoulder split' 12" as well as this year's 'Eaglehaslanded' 7" (not to be confused with the 2014 self titled 7") are included there and are also the band's best releases. These new records are just as I described above; fast, loud, abrasive, caustic, powerful, raw and a little weird. The aforementioned bangers from the 'Foxmoulder split' "Mora Samo da se Umre" and "Got a Flower" are two of my favourites and excellent starting points for new listeners, but the new 7" has the closing masterpiece that is "Mirage~Mirazh". This epic motherfucker is a building song with a few different rungs, the first of which showcases the vocalist from Les Deux Minutes De La Haine and is obviously reminiscent of that band as well as a little Mihai Edrisch, says I. At 1:16 a piano leads the track to the more aggressive stuff and EAGLEHASLANDED led vocal charge that hits massive proportions at 1:55 when multiple vocalists scream over climactic instrumentals.

If you've never jammed this band this is your chance. A truly unique specimen, EAGLEHASLANDED will smack you upside you head from nearly every angle and leave you wanting more. And goddamn that 8-bit shit is amazing.



2012 - Demo digitalEP (stream/download here)

2013 - Eternal Sleep of Never Ending Nightmare digitalEP (stream/download here)
2013 - Bringing the Pizza Home digitalLP (stream/download here)

2014 - Eaglehaslanded cassette/7"EP (stream/buy here)

2015 - rec. floppydiskEP (stream/buy here)
2015 - Les Deux Minutes De La Haine split 7"EP (stream/buy here) [buy 7" here]
2015 - Foxmoulder split 12"LP (stream/buy here) [buy 12" here]

2016 - Eaglehaslanded 7"EP (stream/buy here)


(2016) EAGLEHASLANDED - "Mirage~Mirazh" (from 'Eaglehaslanded')

(2015) EAGLEHASLANDED - "Mora Samo da se Umre" (from 'Foxmoulder' split)

(2015) EAGLEHASLANDED - "Got a Flower" (from 'Foxmoulder' split)

(2015) EAGLEHASLANDED - "Server Not Found" (from 'Les Deux Minutes De La Haine' split)

(2014) EAGLEHASLANDED - "Raul and Julia (Lizards and Queens)" (from 'Eaglehaslanded')

(2013) EAGLEHASLANDED - "Can You Feel My Pizza" (from 'Bringing the Pizza Home')

(2013) EAGLEHASLANDED - "Time Over" (from 'Bringing the Pizza Home')

(2013) EAGLEHASLANDED - "This Salvation I Never Had" (from 'Eternal Sleep of Neverending Nightmare')

(2012) EAGLEHASLANDED - "While Listening Radio Through the Amp" (from 'Demo')


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