Monday 28 September 2015


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Screamo / Emo-violence / Skramz
Related artistsThe Truth About Dreaming, Nayru, Crocodile Hiss and The Cambodian Heat.
CountryMichigan USA
Years Active2013-present
Song: "1"
Album: "Demo"
Year: 2013
Label(s): Off Cloud Nine Records
This post's artist is from the August 2015 Mix. This is track #11.
You can download: the September Mix#9 right here or get the new October 2015 Mix#10 here.
For fans ofDeers!, Mara'akate, Dispensing Of False Halos, Ice Hockey, Tunes For Bears To Dance To, The Truth About Dreaming, Tallgeese, Caust, Moonassi, Swan Of Tuonela, Neil Perry, A Company Of Heroes, Ruhaeda, Storm The Bastille, The Spirit Of Versailles, Eyes Of Verotika and Truman aka PROPER SCREAMO.

AOKIGAHARA blew me away when I first started this blog and my label, but in the last two years I've seen nothing materialize. This is most likely due to the fact that Nolan Arthur from Off Cloud Nine Records seems to work on a million projects, his most notable being The Truth About Dreaming.

So what does the two-piece sound like? AOKIGAHARA play a violent and spastic mix of screamy hardcore with an emphasis on early 2000s emo/screamo punk music. The songs are very short (less than two minutes, and usually around one), intense, screamy and hint at older bands such as early Mara'akate, Dispensing Of False Halos and Deers!. Truly, there is a striking balance between chaos and repetitive riffs, thus creating a stunning hybrid of power and hooks. As they have only released three songs, there really isn't much more I can say, other than I'm beyond stoked for new material. They have a new EP coming out in Nov/Dec 2015. Hold on to your butts.



2013 - Aokigahara Demo cassetteEP (stream/buy here)


(2013) AOKIGAHARA - "1" (from 'Aokigahara Demo')

(2013) AOKIGAHARA - "2" (from 'Aokigahara Demo')


AOKIGAHARA additional links


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