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Band: THE FAINT, THE (aka Norman Bailer)
GenresPunk / Indie Rock / Emo / Synth Rock / Alternative / Shoegaze / Hip Hop / Electronic / New Wave
Related artists: Depressed Buttons, Norman Bailer, Park Ave. and Commander Venus.
CountryOmaha, Nebraska USA
Years Active1995-present
Song: "Hypnotised"
Album: "I Disappear"
Year: 2004
For fans ofQ And Not U, Cursive, Criteria, I Love Your Lifestyle, No Motiv, Big Dick, Despistado, Reggie And The Full Effect, Dance Disaster Movement, Hot Hot Heat, The Smiths and Moby.
Label(s): Self Released / Saddle Creek Records / Blood Of The Young / Astralwerks / Blank.Wav / Pod / V2 Records / SQE Music / Gold Standard Laboratories / Fierce Panda / City Slang / Boysnoize Records / Cooperative Music
This post's artist is from the November 2015 Mix. This is track #7.
You can download: the January Mix#1 right here or get the new February 2016 Mix#2 here.

Let's be honest here. Before this review I'd only ever heard "Hypnotised" from the 'Lagniappe' compilation. After relistening to the song another two or three times prior to this review I came to realization that I don't like the song all that much. Regardless, I did my due diligence and researched the insane amount of records put out by this band and I came around a bit. The synthy Nintendo music with some emo/rock/hip hop stuck with the band for years but eventually got pretty...I dunno, not good.

The band's 1998 debut LP is decent for what it is, but it's not for me. Think college rock meets Sunny Day Real Estate emo and the Saddle Creek Records sound. There are some semi-decent songs, such as "As the Doctor Talks" but for the most part it's passable. The following year the band had quickly moved into darker emo/rock synth territory with 'Blank-Wave Arcade' which I actually like better than the earlier work. 'Danse Macabre' was released in 2001 and showed the band moving into an even more synth/indie/hip hop rock act, but to be honest I find myself yawning during this. By the time I got to 'Wet From Birth' I was done. It's not bad it's just not my kind of music. The 80s influenced dance/pop/synth/hip hop/experimental thing just ain't me. I should also mention that I've only listened to all of these albums only once so this opinion isn't supported by a whole lot of evidence.



1998 - Media cd/LP

1999 - Blank-Wave Arcade cd/12"LP
1999 - Ex Action Figures split 7"

2000 - Blank-Wave Arcade Remixes 12"LP

2001 - Danse Macabre cd/2xcd/12"/2x12"LP
2001 - Moat/Dust 12"EP

2002 - Agenda Suicide cd/12"EP (remix/single)

2003 - Danse Macabre Remixes cd/3x12"LP
2003 - Glass Dance split 12"EP
2003 - The Conductor cd/cassette (remix/single)
2003 - I Disappear cd/12"EP (remix/single)

2004 - Wet From Birth cd/12"LP

2005 - Desperate Guys cdEP (remix/single)

2008 - Fasciination cd/2x12"LP
2008 - The Geeks Were Right cd/12" (remix/single)

2009 - Mirror Error 12"EP (remix/single)

2012 - Evil Voices 12"EP

2014 - Doom Abuse cd/12"LP


(2004) THE FAINT - "Hypnotised" (from 'I Disappear')

(1999) THE FAINT - "Cars Pass in Cold Blood" (from 'Blank-Wave Arcade')

(1998) THE FAINT - "Syntax Lies" (from 'Media')


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