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GenresPunk / Classical / Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Blackgaze / Ambient / Noise
Related artistsN/A.
CountryTerni ITALY
Years Active2014-present
Song: "Tagma 2"
Album: "124C41+"
Year: 2015
Label(s): ?
This post's artist is from the July 2015 Mix. This is track #4.
You can download: the June Mix#7 right here or get the new July 2015 Mix#8 here.
For fans ofExplosions In The Sky, The Pax Cecilia, Angel Eyes, Aporia, Envy, Sinking Steps, Rising Eyes, Ira, Gantz, Respire, Rosetta, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai and Elliot.

124C41+ may be a weird band name that made me expect to hear electronic music, but when Omar from the band sent me their songs I was caught by surprise. The combination of piano/classical music with the post-hardcore culminates in some serious waves of euphoria. The music is both sparse and dense depending on the section of the song. I was actually surprised when the vocals kicked in during song two "Tagma 2" but it turned out to be the highlight of the album. The earnest and distant screams echo long after they finish and are a great accompaniment which I believe should be utilized more often.

"Tagma 1" is the only short track on the EP, clocking in at 4 minutes exactly. Don't expect to rock the fuck out or to hear vocals here, this is an ambient, piano driven song that sets the tone for the larger, more engaging tracks that follow. It's not bad, but it's not great. Some additional instrumentation is heard for a few brief seconds at 1:40 and again at 2:15 which brings the drums and bass in to close out the track.

"Tagma 2" begins as a continuation of track one but morphs into a much different beast. The piano and instrumental build climb until just before the two-minute mark when the vocals kick in for the first time and really garner some attention, not only because they weren't heard in the previous track, but because they fit really well with the music and remind me of Envy. If you check anything out by the band definitely make it this one. I think the closest comparison here is Respire with less vocals and piano instead of trumpet or a less screamy Sinking Steps, Rising Eyes.

"Tagma 3" is the most atmospheric of all the songs. Taking some nods from the first track, these subtle melodies are buried beneath a blanket of noise but are still audible as they mix together like paint and create a trippy, dreamy fog that builds from 4:50 and cracks at 5:40 when vocals rip through briefly and shake the comforting wall of ambiance.

Good stuff. I'm interested to hear what's next.



2015 - 124C41+ digitalEP (stream/donate/download here)


(2015) 124C41+ - "Tagma 2" (from '124C41+')

(2015) 124C41+ - "Tagma 3" (from '124C41+')


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