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GenresPunk / Post-Hardcore / Metalcore / Hardcore / Thrash
Related artistsBury Me Standing, Scathe, Gavin Rossdale, Smoke or Fire, Coma Prevail and Starving Arms.
CountryTuscon, Arizona USA
Years Active2001-2011
Song: "Sound of Sulfur"
Album: "Pass the Flask"
Year: 2003
Label(s): Fiddler Records / Vagrant Records / Rise Records / Ride The Rocket Records / Ambit Records / Sorepoint Records / Distort Entertainment / Staple Records / Workhorse Music Group / Cobraside Distribution Inc.
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For fans of: LyedSince By Man, Lavotchkin, Beloved, This Day Forward, Converge, Bury Me Standing, Poison The Well, Folly, Crestfallen, (old) Cave In, Dillinger Escape PlanUnited Nations, Circles Over SidelightsAlexisonfireDispensing Of False Halos, Refused and Versus The Mirror.

Maybe it's because I got into THE BLED and Since By Man at the same time, but I always associated the two with a similar sound. I'd say THE BLED is more metallic hardcore and Since By Man is sassier and screamier. I could probably write a shitload of info and opinions on this post, but I think I'll keep it short (bahahahaha, this did not end up being short!) as from Jan 29th to Feb 2nd I shalln't be posting due to an amazing two day fest that I will be driving to with some buds. So, I'll discuss the first LP in detail as well as those bonus tracks that were included from the band's early work with another vocalist. The last few albums were decent but don't hold a candle to their previous output.

Let's start with their first release 'His First Crush'. I didn't hear this until I bought the bonus songs version of 'Pass the Flask' (and gave my original cd to someone else) and I was floored. This stuff is way more screamy, like almost black-metal/emo-violencey and the instrumentals are much more influenced by Converge and early This Day Forward. "Anvil Piñata" is a great song that boasts a killer intro as well as some violent breakdowns, with "Swatting Flies with a Wrecking Ball" and "Glitterbomb" taking the screamy, metallic hardcore to another level by incorporating some evil, murderous riffs, licks and squeals. I should also mention that the early work has a different vocalist, and that's why the vocals are so different.

The original vocalist also shows up on 'The Bled' single-sided 12" that followed in 2002 and sounds as much like United Nations as it does 'Pass the Flask'. I honestly don't know which vocalist I like more, as this guy really rubs my eardrums the right way. At this point his screams are visceral and truly captivating because there is so much power and emotion behind them. "John Wayne Newton" and "My Cyanide Catharsis" are fucking awesome - the latter showcasing some angelic female vocals during the intro and middle that overlap with the screaming in the background. The track ranks above the others as one of the most sprawling and eclectic songs THE BLED ever did, mixing much slower instrumentals and a proper, structured build to the heavier stuff. This release has a feel not unlike Dispensing Of False Halos, who are another screamy, metallic hardcore band that you should check out if you haven't already.

This was my first stab at THE BLED. I picked it up after hearing two songs from my brother and really liking the melody in the heaviness. So I popped in the 'Pass the Flask' LP (on cd) that was released in 2003  and was completely blown away. It begins with "Red Wedding", which has an unreal breakdown at 2:13 and mixes extremely heavy elements with some post-hardcore melodies. It's a massive song that is one of my favourite opening tracks on any album. "You Know Who's Seatbelt" is more of a typical song off the record but still hits all the right notes and includes a killer chorus, "Let's set our hearts and self-destruct," which has me screaming along every goddamn time. "I Never Met Another Gemini" again mixes post-hardcore and post-metal with some dashes of clean vocals after the two-minute mark, crooning/whispering until 3:08 when the band explodes during its conclusion. "Sound of Sulfur" is one of my two favourite songs on the album, with fantastic metallic hardcore, lots of chugging and additional palm-muting. The chorus has some sweet solo licks amidst the screaming which then builds to a huge breakdown at 1:43 which bleeds (ha) into the best clean vocals the band has ever done, emotionally discharging the line, "I hope I loved you like I did when you needed me. I can't forgive that night."Get Up You Son of a Bitch, Cause Mickey Loves Ya" is the shortest, most aggressive and insane song THE BLED ever wrote, and it easily tied for my all-time favourite, "So get the fuck away from me!" If you listen to one song by these guys make it this one! "Spitshine Sonata" is the last song that really grabs me from this album and is probably the most accessible track as the slower and excellently placed guitar riffs will have almost anyone bobbing along in no time.

I should point out that some members changed after 'Pass the Flask' and it was quite noticeable. This album has so many amazing little guitar riffs and chugs placed to make them insanely catchy, and is truly what sets it apart from every album thereafter. Oh, and the vocals are the most original and well-placed here, also.

Next up, disappointment land. 'Found in the Flood' isn't bad by any means...except that it pales grossly in comparison to the band's previous milestone. Songs like "Hotel Coral Essex", "Guttershark" and "The Last American Cowboy" are the highlights but would be placed at the bottom of the list if they were on 'Pass the Flask'. Pass on this one unless you want everything by the band.

'Silent Treatment' shows the band getting back to their roots and improving on the very underwhelming 'Found in the Flood'. "Platonic Sleepover Massacre" has both softer and harder parts but really smashes you in the face with this one. "Starving Artiste" harkens back to older material and is really good. "Some Just Vanish" is decent, while "Beheaded My Way" is dark and driving, with some sweet lyrical delivery for "We'll have your head. We'll have your head!". "My Bitter Half" closes the album and finishes with some of the heaviest stuff the band has ever produced. A huge step up from that last album.

'Heat Fetish' was THE BLED's final output. Coming in pretty close to 2007's 'Silent Treatment', this record exhausts the last of the band's aggression, anger and self-directed purpose. "Devolver" is the first track and is very reminiscent of 'Silent Treatment' with a dash of "Hotel Coral Essex" and some questionable clean vocals, but a lot of good, heavier stuff. "Smoke Breaks" rolls out deep and depressed with some very deep, gutteral and almost growly screaming and is one of my favourites off the album which reminds me of the Deftones near the end of the track. "Need New Conspirators" is a longer song that ain't too shabby, while "Meet Me in the Bone Orchard" starts like a Poison The Well song, which isn't a bad thing, as the melodic vocals at the beginning are uncharacteristic of THE BLED, but awesome nonetheless. "Crowbait" is another good track that doesn't necessarily stand out, while "Night Errors" busts out more hard and memorable metallic hardcore song with a sick second half that again reminds me of the band's earlier, better work.

I don't know how I feel about the band being done. On one hand they put out more than decent records, it's just too bad they reached their peak with their debut full length. Maybe if we have a timequake they can record 'Pass the Flask' last, with 'Found in the Flood' being the debut. Ah well. If you are looking for a new THE BLED, check out Texas' Lyed, they play a very similar style and kick major ass.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2001 - His First Crush cdEP

2002 - The Bled 12"EP

2003 - Pass the Flask cd/12"LP

2004 - Alexisonfire split 7" (song from Pass the Flask)

2005 - Found in the Flood cd/12"LP
2005 - From Autumn To Ashes split 7" (songs from Found in the Flood)
2005 - My Assassin 7" (includes radio session of "Red Wedding")

2007 - Silent Treatment cd/2x12"LP
2007 - Pass the Flask + bonus tracks cd (includes 2001-2002 material + 3 bonus/demo tracks)

2010 - Heat Fetish cdLP


(2001) THE BLED - "Anvil Piñata" (from 'His First Crush')

(2001) THE BLED - "Glitterbomb" (from 'His First Crush')

(2002) THE BLED - "My Cyanide Catharsis" (from 'The Bled')

(2002) THE BLED - "John Wayne Newton" (from 'The Bled')

(2003) THE BLED - "Get Up You Son of a Bitch, Cause Mickey Loves Ya" (from 'Pass the Flask')

(2003) THE BLED - "Red Wedding" (from 'Pass the Flask')

(2003) THE BLED - "Sound of Sulfur" (from 'Pass the Flask')

(2005) THE BLED - "Guttershark" (from 'Found in the Flood')

(2005) THE BLED - "The Last American Cowboy" (from 'Found in the Flood') official music video

(2007) THE BLED - "Platonic Sleepover Massacre" (from 'Silent Treatment')

(2007) THE BLED - "Beheaded My Way" (from 'Silent Treatment')

(2010) THE BLED - "Smoke Breaks" (from 'Heat Fetish') official music video

(2010) THE BLED - "Meet Me in the Boneyard" (from 'Heat Fetish')


THE BLED out of print mp3 discography download / additional links

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"I Never Met Another Gemini" official music video

"You Know Who's Seatbelt" official music video

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"Mouthbreather" official music video


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