Wednesday 23 October 2013


This post's artist is from the September 2013 Mix. This is track #12.
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GenresPunk / Post-Hardcore / Metalcore / Screamo
Related artistsN/A.
Country: Iowa, USA
Years Active: 2001-2004
Song: "If I Was Erased"
Album: "Self Titled 7inch"
Year: 2001
For fans of: State Faults, Raein, Kodan ArmadaGreyscale, Van Johnson, Birthday Boyz,
                   Eyes Of Verotika, Rats Into Robots, Caught In The Fall, In Reverent Fear,
                   Kaospilot, Orchid, Itto, June Paik, Daitro, Yage aka PROPER Screamo.

DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS were one of the early adopters of the metallic screamo style that is becoming popular these days, except this was done over a decade ago. Fans of other early bands such as Van Johnson, Kaospilot and Kodan Armada will eat this up. For readers not born in the dreaded 80s, you will notice a lot of similarities between DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS and bands such as State Faults, Beau NavireGreyscale and Voyage In Coma.

With DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS you've got your monotonous, but very fitting, screaming with some blazing instrumental work by the band that combines faster grind/thrash and slower atmospheric noodling - all with a tinge of black metal. This band was mad underappreciated, like most older Init Records bands.

"Download the discography. Do it now. Do it. Kill me, I'm here. C'mon, I'm here. Do it now. C'mon kill me I'm here!"
-arnie s.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2001 - What If I Was Erased...The World Without Me... 7"EP

2003 - With Prayers And A Scalpel cdLP
2003 - Calling Gina Clark Split 7"

2004 - Growing Up, Giving In cdLP compilation


(2001) DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS - "If I Was Erased" (from 'What If I Was Erased...The World Without Me...' 7")

(2001) DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS - "The Final Epic" (from 'What If I Was Erased...The World Without Me...' 7")

(2003) DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS - "With Prayers and a Scalpel" (from 'With Prayers and a Scalpel' cd)

(2003) DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS - "Choking Back Your Future Regrets" (from 'With Prayers and a Scalpel' cd)

DISPENSING OF FALSE OF HALOS out-of-print discography mp3 download


  1. i wanna download with prayers and scalpels.
    can you re-upload it as well?

    1. The discography is up here:!RBFVgL4Z!m5dgy5sy1pdGc8berVVKbT1vd1XTKDsZiAoROr59xQ8

    2. Dave,when I copy & paste that link it says the file is no longer available...

    3. I just tried this and it worked:!AYMXQBbQ!m5dgy5sy1pdGc8berVVKbT1vd1XTKDsZiAoROr59xQ8