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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Metalcore / Emotional Hardcore / Alternative / Rock / Thrash
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CountryMiami, Florida USA
Years Active1997-2010
Song: "Parks and What You Meant to Me"
Album: "Tear From the Red"
Year: 2002
Label(s): Good Life Recordings / Undecided Records / Trustkill Records / Roadrunner Records / Ides Of March / Atlantic / Velvet Hammer / Maverick / Streetwise Concepts & Culture / Ferret Records / Suburban Home Records
This post's artist is from the December 2014 Mix. This is track #6.
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For fans of: Hopesfall, Norma Jean, Curl Up And Die, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Codeseven, Botch, In Reverent Fear, Old Man Gloom, Beloved, Thrice, Killswitch Engage, Unearth and Locktender.

I can't remember who, I think it was one of my Protest The Hero friends, got  me into POISON THE WELL directly following the release of 'Tear From the Red'. I remember at first those vocals were just too heavy. Eventually I really came to like the deep, gutteral woes of the vocalist. Although I've got a fair amount of band comparisons in the "for fans of" section, POISON THE WELL truly is a beast unto themselves, as in the end they simply sound like POISON THE WELL, metalcore with some excellent clean sections. These guys ruled this scene for the better part of 4 years before dropping a very weak album and, in my opinion, lost their crown with 'Versions'. Albums such as 'The Opposite of December', 'Tear From the Red' and 'You Come Before You' are all metalcore classics.

The only track that really stands out for me on 'The Opposite of December' is the ridiculous "Nerdy" with its disjointed but perfectly timed intro of high, half palm-muted riffs and screaming that flows toward the sung chorus, which isn't nearly as readily available as the clean singing on the band's albums to follow. I should mention that among many fans this was their first taste of POISON THE WELL and it still sits at the number one spot among the metalcore fans who may not like clean singing so much, as there is little to no melodic stuff on here.

'Tear From the Red' is the album that got me into POISON THE WELL for a good 3-4 years, and I still listen to them in my folder of amazingness weekly. "Botchla" is probably the band's opus, due in part to the fantastic Darren Doane music video (which you can watch below) with breakdowns and vocals culled from the emotional depths of hell. I love when the cinematography plays in time with the music as it becomes very obvious that the director likes the band's music.

"Moments Over Exaggerate" is another powerful number with clean singing and craziness. "Horns and Tails" was the band's first foray into an acoustic-only song, and boy it really works. "Sticks and Stones Never Made Sense" has a really amazing outro, while the aforementioned "Pieces of You in Me" has that soft, melodic opening that was my bridge into POISON THE WELL territory. "Parks and what You Meant to Me" is a phenomenal closer and the song I chose for the OMSB mix. Just wait till you hit the two-minute mark when the band hits epic proportions as they move to a very melodic and accessible style with spot-on vocal crooning, "Intoxicate me with all your voices and crash parts into mind. So lost inside of you, to ever think we waited too long" right before pulverizing eardrums at the three-minute mark.

"Ghostchant" is the band's major label debut opener, and it is heavier and softer than anything from 'Tear From the Red' with a punishing verse and angelic chorus. "For a Bandaged Iris" is probably the strongest and most accessible song on the record. It plods with heavy feet until that insanely catchy chorus kicks in - there's no way you won't be singing it after listening. "The Realist" is one of the more aggressive tracks, but as it is with this release singer Jeff busts out more great melodic singing for the final third of the song. "Zombies are Good for Your Health" follows a similar formula but drops the clean vocals altogether and it has got some really nifty guitar leads as well as a plethora of breakdowns. The closer "Crystal Lake" is based off of the Friday The 13th movies and bares its teeth which sound like falling knives. This shit is definitely thrash/metalcore to the max.

Then I heard 'Versions' and it sounded boring as hell. So I passed. Maybe one day I'll give it another shot, but not today.

'The Tropic Rot' was a comeback album of sorts, as it veered away from the dare I say boring atmosphere of 'Versions'. "Pamplemousse" is a dark and dreary number that sounds like the full band version of what was going on with "Horns and Tails" from 'Tear From the Red', as it builds steadily with a slight southern drawl until well after the four-minute mark. An eerie and excellent song. "Makeshift Clay You" promotes some feedback during the thrashy/hardcore blitz at the beginning before settling into a groove-laden romp not unlike Every Time I Die, but harder. "Without You and One Other I am Nothing" starts like a depressing lounge song before busting into more traditional POISON THE WELL territory. It's a strange mix of old and new, but it works and rounds out the better songs on the band's final output.

So there's my partial historical account of the band and a bunch of subjective opinions. There's one thing we can probably all agree on, this band was pretty popular and still is pretty darn influential.


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1998 - Distance Only Makes the Heart Grow Fonder cd/10"EP

1999 - The Opposite of December cd/12"LP (download in a big 'ole zip file here)

2002 - Tear from the Red cd/12"LP (download in a big 'ole zip file here)
2002 - Tear from the Red 7" (songs from the LP)

2003 - You Come Before You cd/cassette/12"LP (download in a big 'ole zip file here)
2003 - Ghostchant 10"EP
2003 - Deftones split cd (songs from the LP)
2003 - Tear from the Road DVD
2003 - Fall 2003 DVD

2007 - Versions cd/12"LP (download in a big 'ole zip file here)

2008 - I/III 7"EP
2008 - II/III 7"EP
2008 - III/III 7"EP

2009 - The Tropic Rot cd/2x12"LP (download in a big 'ole zip file here)
2009 - I/II/III cd compilation


(1999) POISON THE WELL - "Nerdy" (from 'The Opposite of December')

(2002) POISON THE WELL - "Pieces of You in Me" (from 'Tear from the Red')

(2002) POISON THE WELL - "Parks and What You Meant to Me" (from 'Tear from the Red')

(2002) POISON THE WELL - "Moments Over Exaggerate" (from 'Tear from the Red')

(2003) POISON THE WELL - "For a Bandaged Iris" (from 'You Come Before You')

(2003) POISON THE WELL - "Zombies are Good for Your Health" (from 'You Come Before You')

(2003) POISON THE WELL - "Crystal Lake" (from 'You Come Before You')

(2009) POISON THE WELL - "Pamplemousse" (from 'The Tropic Rot')

(2009) POISON THE WELL - "Makeshift Clay You" (from 'The Tropic Rot')


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